10 SONGS To Celebrate Legalization in California


 To celebrate the occasion of cannabis legalization in the state of Califonia, we wanted to make a special playlist for all those ready to light up. There are tons of superdelic musicians jamming and making music about cannabis as the history unfolds. So listen into Renagade Radio’s Top picks right here and support the largest reform event in the world.

The Hempfest! @ Hempfest.org

Cali Dro


Sweet Leaf
Black Sabbath
Image result for sweet leaf black sabbath
Pass The Marajuana
Mystic Roots
Image result for mystic roots


Weed With Willie
Toby Keith

Image result for weed with willie

Kid Cudi
Image result for kid cudi marijuana


Let The Sunshine
Kottonmouth KingsImage result for kottonmouth kings


Broken Bells


Dieman Noba Smoke Tafee
S.E. Rogie


Planet Of Weed
Fountains Of Wayne
 Image result for planet of weed fountains of wayne
Cheech And Chong
Travis Matte & The Zydeco Kingpins

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