THC FARMS by Kayla Neff


As I sit here with the sound of Rapper Kush bumping out of my speakers
and the taste of his strain fresh on my lips. I can’t help but feel an
overwhelming sense of happiness. I am gonna just say it you can’t smoke
Rapper Kush and not smile. This Indica dominant strain will soon become
everyone’s go to. With it’s smooth, sweet, earthy taste you’ll find
yourself reaching for it every time.
Whether your preference is flower, edible or concentrate it keeps it’s
amazing flavor in all forms.
I had the pleasure of touring T.H.C farms where they create this
magical strain pissing my neighbors off at this very moment. The farm
itself was amazingly high tech. It was like entering Willy Wonkas Weed
factory. we were greeted by Rapper Kush himself that is after we got past
the locked gate and 150+ cameras. Rapper Kush a.k.a Phat Dre did a
wonderful job leading us through his warehouse of wonders. I was definitely
not disappointed.
When you 1st walk into the 56,00 square feet building. We came into a
giant open room with just a few classic cars casually displayed. Ya that’s
right the band babes walked right into a scene from a rap video. Rapper
Kush was eager to greet us with a smile that would be plastered on his face
for the remainder of our tour which I felt was so suiting for the king of
kush. When I asked why he got into the legal weed business his answer was
similar to many I hear in this area. He needed it for medical reasons.
Phat Dre explained he suffers from graves disease and a thyroid issue.
Turns out this slim, handsome, charming man standing before us used to be
over 300lbs. Guess Phat Dre got his name for a reason. While battling this
disease he was on 13 different medications. When a close friend suggested
medical cannabis and that was a wrap. Since Phat Dre has been rapping since
4th grade it only made sense to combine the two worlds.
While on our tour of the only O.S.H.A certified legal grow op in the
state of Washington I noticed and admired how well they treated their
staff. You wouldn’t be able to tell who was the grower, the trimmer, the
owner or the laborer because they were all one big family. The cleanliness
and security was top notch. I was covered top to bottom as to not disturb
or contaminate these beautiful growing babies. My outfit came complete with
hair nets, white trench coat and booties for our feet that looked
ridiculous on my heels.
We ended our tour in the packaging room. Everyone we had met through the
tour came to wish us goodbye. I honestly wish I could go to T.H.C farms
everyday. If you haven’t tried Rapper Kush already its a must because both
the strain and creator left a wonderfully lasting impression on me.

– Band Babe  Ms. Kayla Neff

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