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  • Annual Seattle Hempfest Protest 2017

    Annual Seattle Hempfest Protest 20170

      Annual Seattle Hempfest Protest 2017 The biggest annual cannabis event on the planet was going down in Seattle last weekend. Three wonderful days of sunshine, pro-cannabis outreach, activism, music, mingling, marketing, and food! glorious food. Hempfest started in 1991, Known then as “Washington Hemp Expo.” Roughly 500 weed-lovers came labeling themselves as “a humble gathering

  • Hempfest tryouts 2017

    Hempfest tryouts 20170

    Renagade Radio Joined Lpm for the Seattle Hempfest 2017 tryouts to give artists a platform to be heard Live! Beginning in February of this year, It lasted up until July 10th! Over 125 bands from the Pacific Northwest participated on stage to have the chance to play the main stage at Hempfest this year and