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  • Expanding New York’s Medical Marijuana Program- From

    Expanding New York’s Medical Marijuana Program- From MPP.org0

    Department Of Health Proposes Regulations That Would Expand New York’s Medical Marijuana Program  Aug 10, 2017 * Statements below from patient advocate Kate Hintz and Kate Bell of the Marijuana Policy Project * NEW YORK, N.Y. — The Department of Health just announced the issuance of new proposed regulations that would make changes to the state’s medical

  • The Road of Cannabis Reformation

    The Road of Cannabis Reformation0

    Cannabis Has  been used across the globe for ages and carries a colorful cultural history. The Plant is believed to have evolved from Central Asia as far back as 12,000 years ago. Found In Burial sites dating back to ancient times, It’s first recorded use was in 4000 BC as an anesthetic used during surgery.

  • Decriminalization of Marijuana ,Around the World

    Decriminalization of Marijuana ,Around the World0

       The legalization of marijuana, a plant considered to be harmful to the body, has been a constant squabble in most countries since the day of mans first toke. Just the simple mention of the word cannabis still put any miscreant on edge in countries where use has not yet been decriminalized. Present day the

  • Seattle Hempfest Performing artists Shout out

    Seattle Hempfest Performing artists Shout out Liveathempfest.com0

     Echoing from behind the scenes, Get a glimpse of Artist Chance Alayion from the Rapper Kush:Cropping Season Albums  Giving a shout out to and Inviting Everyone to join the fun August 18th-20th. He will be performing Dropping a New Cd and Promoting the Product At the Caviar Gold Stage. Make sure to stay tuned to Hear