robertsmartcannacon2016kushcannacondabstardudescannaconlogosJeaniegh420 (2)Jeaniegh420 (8)jeaniegh420 (8)CANNACON had so many GREAT SPEAKERS. MARY LOVES GLASS From GRANNIES FOR GRASS!!  There were many PROMOTIONS and Companies that offered new and EXCITING, ways to Share the Message.  From CUSTOM PAPERS, KUSH BOTTLES, CUSTOM LABELS, to New Growing Equiptment and Techniques, learning about SOIL, PESTICIDES, QUALITY and Consumer FACTS about CANNABIS as MEDICINE and THE HISTORY That Comes with it was both EYE OPENING as well as INformative.  So Much more is out there to learn and find out about. This was such a Great, few days of Gaining that MEDUCATION.  PEOPLE OF THE MEDICINE, Represented, by  EAGLE BEAR OWL PROPHET  always good to see Him and see that the Medicine and the Message are moving Onto Native Lands!! MYLES HARLOW KAHN ran into me and shared that My Product, “MERRY JANE” “WORKED FOR HIM, HE LOVED IT and He would be Putting it into His TWO, LOCATIONS”!! I was THRILLED as One can well imagine?? Though, it was a Busy Event, there was no congestion and the Buses ran on time, we had a very GREAT Bunch of  Locals and Visitors.  Every Buddy went away with so much more than any of us expected.   I saw Big, Smiles and Bright Eyes at this event. Though, stereotyped as much of our Industry is. The Days of the Event were  FULL of things to look FORWARD to.   There was so much Good Food and So Many booths, we had HEMPTABULOUS MUSIC and BANDS!!      CCS on CAPITOL HILL threw a FUND RAISER for the BARTENDER and HIS HUSBAND who had a STROKE and HEART ATTACK.  I met so many Buddies new and Old, got to renew old Aquaintances and saw Friends from Every where.   Next Year, I look forward to ACTIVELY, CO HOSTING  CANNACON and An AFTER PARTY with OUR   And who knows, I may get MARTI TUCCI to say HIGH.


CANNACON SEATTLE 2016.   Jeaniegh420 Her HIGHness. Says CHEERS and STAY #CRONIC.