• Vending For The 2019 Seattle Hempfest is Now Open!

    Vending For The 2019 Seattle Hempfest is Now Open!0

    Vending for the 2019 Seattle Hempfest is now open! We are where the cannabis industry, entrepreneurs and consumers, come together into a singular marketplace.  You will get the best of both worlds by attending and vending at the nation’s largest cannabis event. Seattle HEMPFEST®,  the premier flagship event of the global cannabis culture, is celebrating its 28th anniversary.   Hempfest’s crown jewels of achievement

  • Legalization On The Rise In Illinois

    Legalization On The Rise In Illinois0

     Illinois is preparing to introduce legalization soon after two key Chicago Democratic lawmakers, Sen. Heather Steans and Rep. Kelly Cassidy have met with interested groups around the state.  A revitalizing bill has been introduced by Democratic Representative Carol Ammons from Urbana, that could open the door to a much more expansive legal pot industry than most have envisioned. 

  • LEGAL HOME GROWS: Know your limits

    LEGAL HOME GROWS: Know your limits0

    Home grow cultivation is a common topic among new medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers.  It is very wise to understand and stay updated on the cultivation and home grow laws as they vary from state to state. The list below provides resources and limits currently updated for 2019 for your knowledge. Alaska Possession/Use Limits: Persons