California Cannabis Business Conference Sept 21-22

Tomorrow kicks off CCIA’s and NCIA’s first-ever California Cannabis Business Conference.

Although we are incredibly excited to come together in Anaheim, CA, we understand that some people may still have some reservations about attending. So we’re addressing some of the common reasons we hear to not attend.

The conference is too expensive.
It’s no surprise that California Cannabis Business Conference is a ticketed event, but what you might not know is how CCIA/NCIA go to great lengths to make the absolute most out of your hard-earned money. While other conferences operate purely to turn profit, your registration costs at a CCIA/NCIA conference directly benefit you and your business by allowing us to produce a quality event, to continue to advocate for federal cannabis reform, and to provide premium member services.

Additionally, the education and networking you receive at our conferences are a direct investment in the growth and success of your business in both the short and long term.

I don’t know if I have time for a two-day conference.
As a business owner, we understand two days is a long time to be away from work. A lot can happen in two days — you can miss a big sale, you can miss a big deadline, and you can miss a lot of emails.

However, some things are worth the sacrifice. California Cannabis Business Conference is an imperative two-day educational event that will provide you with updates on the new regulations and policies under MAUCRSA that will directly impact your business.

A lot can be missed in two days, but there is infinitely more to be gained at #CACannaBizCon.

Anaheim is too far. 
California is a huge state. Making the trip to Anaheim can be a bit challenging for some, but worth it! California Cannabis Business Conference will see more than 2,000 industry professionals and more than 70 speakers, thought leaders, and policy makers. If you are unable to attend, you will miss the opportunity to hear answers to your questions, as well as the opportunity to network with the most influential leaders and business owners in our community.

I’m an expert in my field; how much new content is really available? 
At CCIA and NCIA, we pride ourselves in providing our conference attendees with the most up-to-date information available. Whether you’re just beginning your career or the most senior level employee, California Cannabis Business Conference has something that every industry professional can learn and benefit from. By confirming key players in the industry to attend and speak at our events, we are able to bring you the most current information that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

You can make a lot of excuses for not wanting to attend California Cannabis Business Conference. And we’d like to answer all of your hesitations, but it would be so much easier to show you why CCIA and NCIA are the industry’s leading trade associations. 

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~ A Message from Our Sponsor ~

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