Nevada Lounges

“The big issue is where to possess and consume cannabis products that are now legal to purchase…they can’t technically possess or consume them on the strip or in gaming properties or in their hotel room, for example,” said Andrew Jolley, CEO of The Source dispensaries and president of the Nevada Dispensary Association.

 In the state of Nevada cannabis consumers are not permitted to smoke in casinos, or their hotel rooms and smoking in public could lead to a hefty fine of $600.The current law allows people to possess pot, but severely limits where they could use it.. While  Las Vegas allows alcohol consumption in public, marijuana is forbidden where you would figure most tourists would consume it. Nevada state leaders are now trying to figure out how cannabis users could light up in public – without breaking the law.

You have surely heard or visited hookah lounges and cigar lounges and now Nevada wants to propose something else: 420 lounges.

Could this work for the state of Nevada?

The topic has been discussed before and with those hoping to push the matterand they have a good chance at making it happen. After an opinion was handed down by the state Legislative Counsel Bureau on September 10th, it was said that no state law stops local governments from having public consumption of marijuana in businesses, which means local leaders might be proceeding with caution. Adults have been able to possess no more than an ounce of marijuana legally since July 1 following the approval of a ballot initiative that was passed in the state in November. Nevada was the fourth state in the country to approve recreational marijuana and while Legalization is on the rise so are those trying to take the footsteps to make bigger changes. 

Vegas is definitely recognized on a national level for experimenting with cases like this especially being a hub and tourist trap. They are aware that with establishments possibly popping up in the state could lead to the feds coming in if the establishments used different rules or regulatory structures.The Clark County Commission now wants to wait for the City of Denver to approve its own pot lounge measure before it agrees on regulations and licensing for local Nevadans. “I don’t know if we need to be first or not, I don’t see any reason why we have to be the first, but we certainly have to be right,” Clark County commissioner James Gibson said at the meeting Tuesday night.

We will all have to see what awaits in store for the Beloved Nevada State, But stores are selling out the wild fire of pot consumption might just set social consuming lounges ablaze. Will these be the next big craze in the legalization of recreational cannabis? We think so! keep your eyes and ears open!

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