THC FARMS : A cutting Edge Facility has seen some grow facilities, Believe us. But when it comes to perfecting customer valued strains  and keeping a high reputation in cutting edge technology  keeping a foundation that is OSHA compliant, and one of the best environments for growing quality plants, The THC FARMS undoubtedly blown us away.

Nesting In the Pacific Northwest in its sweet home of Tacoma, The THC Farms  opened their doors to their 46,000 sq ft. all metal fortress , allowing us in for a sneak peek behind the magic of growing, cropping, and processing products we all love. 

This Premier Marijuana grow is home to probably the best strains in the world such as, Rapper Kush, Black Cherry, Sour D, and concentrates. The Way the plants are carefully cultivated is ingenious and unlike we have never seen, but first we had to suit up in lab coats, booties and hair nets to enter. 

THC FARMS protects their plants from any natural enemies including bugs, mold,mildew ,and other pathogens that could reduce the plants potential and growth .

They also eliminate soil by growing exclusively in H20 and operating off of an Industrial water purifier that then gets mixed with pharmaceutical grade nutrients that disperses 700 gallons to their crops and changed in each grow room every 2 weeks, specified to each stage of the plants life for optimum growth and highest quality.

Within their facility they are able to grow up to 50,000 clones per month and transfer their growing plants to 40 x 40 ft  grow rooms, where they utilize the Sea of green method. (The “Sea of Green” method is a style of growing that crams many plants together in smaller containers and with a short vegetative time in order to fill up the space quickly. The advantages are that your plants live shorter lives, so there’s less room for mistakes and problems, and you harvest quicker because of the short veg time.),   

The rooms were created with detail to control the environment in which the plants grow. From the walls to their lights they created a highly sophisticated system designed to simulate a natural habitat eliminating any problems or issues the plant may have in the growing process including a  monitored 24/7 computer system that helps maintain and control CO2 levels, temperatures, humidity levels, watering, and lighting to  help grow their best product every time the cropping season rolls around.

To get that signature flavor , the buds are hung to cure in their padded room where it is essential to keep the humidity and temps on the regular so that they don’t lose taste and deliver that quality product we all love .

If that wasn’t enough to get you going to your local dispensary, The THC FARMS also Offer Concentrates! They are able to extract cannabis for oils and concentrates with some of the best extraction equipment and machinery on the market!

Taking It to another whole level their labs use science and advanced technology to bring you popular products such as shatter, wax, and other concentrates.

THC FARMS extracts with both C02 and Butane offering a different experience for every strain that most will find are excellent products, clean, taste and smell exceptional, and for a great price comparable to other competitors on the market.

THC FARMS is one for the top of the list by taking the tour of their impressive facility, we came to the conclusion that the people who work there are very passionate about the art of growing a highly valued and respected quality of cannabis products.

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