• Weed: The User’s Guide Grab a Copy Today

    Weed: The User’s Guide Grab a Copy Today0

    David Schmader is a writer who has been living and working in Seattle since 1991. Some of his works include the solo plays Straight, Letter to Axl, and A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem. Schmader served as a writer, editor, and columnist of Seattle’s Pulitzer-winning newsweekly The Stranger between 1999 and 2015. In his

  • A Popular Destination in Maine, but this past week the Restaurant Became Legendary Around the World.

    A Popular Destination in Maine, but this past week the Restaurant Became Legendary Around the World.0

    Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound was already a popular destination in Maine, but this past week the restaurant became legendary around the world. The buzz came from chef-owner Charlotte Gill, who announced that her team developed a way to sedate lobsters with cannabis. She claims cannabis-induced sedation creates a less-traumatic situation for the lobsters that translates into

  • Grand Daddy Purps

    Grand Daddy Purps0

    Grand Daddy Purps It earns high marks for its strong indica effects and great medicinal attributes.There are many different “cuts” of GDP around the country.  Most of them share the same general terpene profile and hybrid high associated with Grape Ape and Purple Urkle. The plant is very purple with orange tendrils, almost no green

  • Bubba Kush

    Bubba Kush0

    Bubba Kush Its specific leaf structure, stem thickness, density of flower sites and limited node spacing, and dark hues make Bubba Kush stand out in any garden. Very thick flowers ranging from dark black and purple to green depending on the “cut” of this strain.  Remaining constant, Bubba produces Kush style cannabis flowers leaning from golf

  • Super Lemon Haze

    Super Lemon Haze0

     Super Lemon Haze Withits strong and sweet lemon qualities in both the smell and taste, this strain certainly lives up to its reputation and name when well-grown.  With the Indica lineage present in the Sativa-dominant hybrid, it results in a rather calm experience for a Haze-based strain — rather balanced between head and body effects

  • Durban Poison

    Durban Poison0

    Durban Poison A landrace Sativa variety from South Africa, Durban Poison is known for its spicy/sweet anise-like smell and taste and it’s clear-headed cerebral effect.  Though it’s a (normally) pure Sativa, most versions finish fairly quickly and don’t stretch like crazy.  Many claim the real South African Durban Poison is very racy and finishes as