• David Byrne: Red Rocks 2018, A Review by Keefer 0

    Whether with his previous band or on his own, David Byrne has not looked at a stage as just a place to play his songs on, but explore all possibilities to present his music in person. He said earlier this year that his upcoming tour was going to be the most ambitious since the Talking

  • Prince’s Piano & A Microphone 1983, A Review by Keefer 0

    There was a time if you wanted to get your hands on unreleased music from your favorite artist, you had to venture into the world of bootlegs. That could be an indie record store brave enough to include these illegal recordings in with their legitimate stock. Record conventions were always fertile grounds too. Or in my

  • Up In Smoke Burlesque – A 420 Parody

    Up In Smoke Burlesque – A 420 Parody0

    Up In Smoke Burlesque – A 420 Parody Long Beach, CA Friday, September 14, 2018 – Saturday, September 15, 2018 Celebrating a little 4/20 EVERYDAY with a burlesque tribute featuring artists, themes, and of course our cannabis cuties rocking the stage! And no, we didn’t forget to include our Cheech and Chong! A fully marijuana theme

  • Remembering Aretha. 0

    Crystal jukebox queen of hymn. . . she has no flaws in her trumpet -Bob Dylan She was a singular presence in pop music, a symbol of strength, women’s liberation and the civil rights movement. Aretha Franklin, one of the greatest singers of all time, died Thursday of pancreatic cancer. Very few artists are likely

  • Women and Weed 7 Reasons Why

    Women and Weed 7 Reasons Why0

    Women and Weed part #1 The idea that the cannabis industry is just a male-driven market is going up in smoke (pun most definitely intended) Pot-Smoking Women becoming more and more Visible  The stereotype that only men smoke cannabis is one that needs to be dismantled. It in accurately reflects market reality and attempts to box women into sexist social roles, further

  • 3 Sides Live From Storied Venue – Red Rocks Live 0

    There’s a lot of civic pride when it comes to Red Rocks and for good reason. It’s one of the great concert venues in the world, a beloved natural open-air amphitheater, the stage and audience areas sheltered between a pair of 300-foot monoliths, Ship Rock and Creation Rock, and another boulder anchored behind the stage